© Matjaž Rušt
© Matjaž Rušt
© Matjaž Rušt
© Matjaž Rušt
Tuesday, 4. 10. 2022

Via Negativa: Physis

Choreography of contagion

By Bojan Jablanovec & Anita Wach

"A state? What is that? The state, I call it, where the slow suicide of all - is called life. For the superfluous ones was the state devised! There, where the state ceases - there only commences the man who is not superfluous." Friedrich Nietzsche

Democracy has become a catacomb of the healthy, responsible and normal. The state needs people who are weak enough to become dependent and obedient enough to remain useful. There is no democracy for sickness and dying, no democracy for visions of a rebellious spirit or for the trembling of a weak heart – there is no democracy for nature.

But nature, though accustomed to die, still has the power to resist the brutality of civilization; and civilization, though willing to risk everything for its own self-preservation, still has enough time to stop the terror of the “good and just.”

We dedicate the performance to Friedrich Nietzsche, who suffered a nervous breakdown on 3 January 1889, and a series of strokes after the year 1898, which partially paralysed him. After contracting pneumonia he died on 25 August 1900. The diagnosis of his “mental illness” is still the subject of medical debate.

The performance was created during the Covid-19 pandemic. In February 2021, due to a ban on public events, we entirely adapted the performance for video.

Production: Via Negativa
Financial support: Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia, City of Ljubljana