Friday, 6. 10. 2023


Nemesis is a consultancy and creative studio founded by Martti Kalliala, a designer, architect, and musician, and Emily Segal, a writer, artist, and trend forecaster.

Nemesis operates in the fields of brand strategy, design, creative direction, cultural research, and language. In addition to their client work, they also develop self-initiated cultural research and incubate projects that explore new creative economies. Their clients and partners encompass a wide range, from emerging technology protocols to established luxury brands, including Art Basel, Baggu, Buffy, Delv, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, MTV, Nike, Off-White, Open, PAN, Red Bull Arts, Rimowa, Samara, Sector Finance, The Serpentine, Sub, Urbit / Tlon, True Religion, Virgil Abloh, and Yearn DAO.

The third member of the Nemesis team is Lucas Mascatello, an artist, writer, and strategist.

A conversation with Martti Kalliala will be held by Manca G. Renko, a historian, precarious academic, essayist and editor.